Donald Trump’s golf handicap – the truth

Donald trump has been pretty involved in golf since he started opening golf courses across the whole world, mainly Europe and US. He even teamed up with Tiger Woods to open new golf course in Dubai, so he has strong ties with this sport, and claims to be golfer himself. It might be just another marketing trick to boost his publicity and trustworthiness, but let’s assume he really is a keen golf player and digest into the fact that he claimed to have golf handicap of three. Even though that kind of handicap is extraordinary and excellent for anyone, especially senior like him, no one has been really taking interest to investigate this statement, and it’s understandable why – he was just TV personality worth few billions. Being a billionaire in US is a great thing, but there are thousands of billionaires across the world. But after becoming US president, that has changed and people, including me started to wonder whether trump was being honest while talking about his handicap.donald trump golf

After his handicap being questioned, lots of people have come out and said that handicap of three is totally realistic and lots of seniors have it. But still, i think these golfers are biased because of Trump’s political figure and public personality. First of all, Trump is a businessman, which means that he probably does not spend a lot of time perfecting his golf skills and improving his swing. He literally has too much work to do to being able to afford to maintain golf handicap of three by practicing every day. There might be some seniors who possess such incredible golfing skills, but Donald is certainly not one of them. Those people are mostly retired and spend hours every day playing golf. Which, again, is a luxury that Donald can not afford.


Now whether he is lying or not, (he probably is) Trump is not the first politician to falsely brag about his golfing skills. Because of cultural integration with American Culture, golf is considered to be very American sport and of course, being good at it only improves one’s public persona. Both democrats and republicans have been caught cheating to fake being good at golf, and there are probably so much more lies that we haven’t found out about. The thing is, that trump has this toughness thing going for him, and the fact that he’s not as good at golf as he’s saying he is, certainly doesn’t help his image in that sense. But he’s claiming to be a good businessman too, and most of his followers don’t seem to mind it, so it isn’t the first lie he has told.

Trump seems like one of those rich guys who pretend to be good golfers by buying best titleist irons for beginners and rushing straight to golf course to show off his new purchase. Which are single type of golfers i hate the most.

Golf Club Differences – Irons, Driver, Woods & Putter

There are usually up to 14 golf clubs in every professional golfer’s bag, which is for a reason. Golf clubs are quite different, and they have different roles in the game as well. If that wasn’t the case, why on earth would we, golfers carry around pounds of extra weigh all over the course and spend thousands of dollars on them? Even though telling the difference between driver, woods and irons might be difficult for a beginner golfer at first, once you understand golf club differences and learn how to use them in your advantage, you’ll understand why everyone puts up with everything i mentioned above.

Now it’s time to get to the actual golf club comparison. Let’s start with irons –

Irons are most frequently used golf clubs on the field. If your distance to the hole is less than 200 yards, that’s when you hit the golf ball with iron. Best starter golf club sets usually come with several irons, which might raise a question – why do i need several different golf irons in the same set? The thing is, that some golf clubs are more accurate than others, so you are supposed to use each golf iron depending on distance between you and the hole.

Driver is the first golf club you use. It’s supposed to be used right in the beginning, because that’s when you want to hit the golf ball to cover longest distance and deliver it straight to the green. But driver has downside as well – even though it’s the most effective golf club in terms of length of the distance covered, it’s not as accurate as golf irons and especially putter, so you can’t really predict what trajectory your golf ball will take. Driver is also the golf club that i prefer to buy separately from golf club set, because drivers that come in those packages are usually not very good.  I do recommend to do the same to all beginner golfers, but keep in mind that it might be costlier than usual. If you are just a beginner golfer, you might want to buy decent product, so check out tutorials that might help you find best driver for beginners in 2017.

Driver is just another name for 1 wood, which means that both are basically the same. Other woods are also used to hit long shots. Woods’ lofts also vary, and so does their accuracy. Callaway has basically changed the whole game by introducing big bertha drivers and other awesome woods. They have increased the size of sweet spot, which is a spot that you want to hit golf ball with when making a golf swing. Other than the driver, most golfers only carry 3 and 5 woods in their golf bags. These three woods are essential to have, while other woods are preferable, but not really necessary unless you want to. Of course, that implies that you are a beginner. Professionals usually need all kinds of woods and irons with different lofts to succeed, because margin of error on professional PGA golf tournaments is really low.

And there’s a putter. Simply to describe, it is very accurate golf club used for short distance shots. Golf putters are usually used the last. Therefore, they are in lots of ways opposite of the driver.

Winning amateur golf tournament as a beginner golfer

I know so many amateur golfers who are very talented and have kind of skill it takes to win some major golf tournaments, but they always back off thinking they are not qualified enough for it. I think, that’s the biggest mistake beginner golfer can make. Getting used to golf tournaments might be challenging at first, but it will be great experience and a lot of fun. You can get to know so many fellow golfers and sometimes even meet celebrities. I’ve also met lots of potential business partners while golfing, and made lots of actual deals because of the network i’ve built on golf course. People who say golf is old fashioned sport couldn’t be more wrong. I see tons of young golfers out there playing, and newest technologies such as swing analyzers and rangefinders make the sport even more fun. golf tournament

So, what are rewards for winning amateur tournaments? Originally, these tournaments had some kind of prize pool or other minor prizes, but as of 2017, winning beginners’ golf tournaments can earn you place in high end PGA tournament, which is pretty cool i think. But it’s not only novice golfers who participate in these tournaments, but some very experienced golfers as well. Some of them are not very good at golf, so didn’t manage to participate in better tournaments, others just like to use every opportunity to just go out there and play golf. Actually, you’d be surprised how many newbie golfers drive several hours to attend these tournaments. It can be pretty extreme to see that these people are willing to have two hour drive just to play golf and hang out on golf course. And you’ll meet golfers of totally different ages – from their teens, being with father, to some senior 90 year old golfers. Majority are men, but there are women as well, accompanying their husbands and sometimes sons.

Even though these tournaments are not as big of a deal as PGA ones, you should still prepare for them. By preparing, i mean that you should buy proper golf clothing and shoes, golf clubs and other minor accessories. There will be some people who spend thousands of dollars on latest models of golf clubs, so you better make yourself ready to compete with them. You can either borrow good drivers and irons from your golfer friends, or you can try to find best beginner golf club set. And by the way, buying golf clubs as a set is very smart thing to do, because prices seem to be lower.

Golf bags and other accessories can be ordered for relatively cheap price on Amazon. After doing tons of research and comparing golf gear prices online vs brick and mortar retail stores, online websites, especially Amazon and CallawayPreOwned outweigh retail stores big time.

I think that’s it. Remember, there’s nothing too complicated about participating and sometimes, even winning golf tournaments. Proper golf gear, courage and aspiration is all you need to succeed. And if you are smart, you can gain all three of these quite easily.

Best Performing Golf Balls on Market Right Now

The overall opinion may be the Titleist ProV1 but have mentioned on which you’ll need inside your sport this will depend. Good-feel round the vegetables indicates the basketball may have a smoother cover coating, meaning more will spin . Spin means you’ll drop control of the catch or piece issue. Length balls generally have really rigid addresses to improve the “rebound” off the team experience. Each goes more but are harder to manage about the vegetables producing placing harder.

After I was in senior school, my loved ones got a periodis move towards the nearby course and I performed much more that year than I ever endured before and my ratings began to enhance a great deal (I actually donot believe I’d actually damaged 100 before that, were left with many models within the 70is within the next 3 years). that year what I unearthed is basically usually employed exactly the same kind of basketball the fact that I performed better. My performance could be better predicted by me. Till then I used whichever basketball I present in the woods, or had drawn from the water, or was for sale that evening.
They are designed to do specific issues, and there are lots of baseballs available on the market and certainly will perform. Due to a annoying point named the regulations of science, there’snot a “ideal basketball” that moves the farthest, travels the straightest, moves one of the most, etc. Unlike common perception, the very best marketing ball is not always the very best ball or even the greatest ball for you personally.

The very best basketball for you personally is just a basketball that’ll create the suitable start position and also high-ball rates and spin having a great sense. Experience is hardly objective and comes down to individual choice, so there’s no ” incorrect or right “. The start problems that are perfect will be different based on a personis move pace… a swing speed takes a greater start and spin costs lower and backspin, but boost the start position.

Getting even the greatest start or the many spin using the cheapest spin is not exactly what the emphasis ought to be on…obtaining as near to your figures that are perfect can lead to one of the ball flight that is most effective.